Need help with a pen, here are some members you can contact

Parker 75

Parker Flighter

Pen Repairs

Lih-Tah is the first stop on the internet for all information on the Parker 75.  His web site, deals with all things related to the Parker 75 family of writing instruments. 
If Parker Flighters are of interest to you, then Eric is the person to talk with.  He also will be interested in any Flighter that he doesn't have.  The trick is finding one of those.
If your pen is in need of help, then Mike is a good person to know.  He has a very good turn around for most repairs.

Mont Blanc Pens

Ballpoint Pens


If you are looking for someone with a lot of background info on Mont Blancs then Ralph is your guy.  And if he can't help you his son knows more.  Think of it as a two for one deal!
If you are more into ballpoint pens than fountain pens then Stan is a good person to know.  He has a lot of knowledge when it comes to ballpoints.
Yes it's a pen club.  But for some reason there are people that actually use pencils to write with.  So if you are onto vintage pencils you might want to check in with Don.

Sheaffer Pens


Sheaffer Pens

Yes, we have two members that know a lot about Sheaffer pens.  So you should contact both of them if your interest are these.  Contact Bob.
If you have a pen question about a more modern pen and don't know who to turn to, start here. 
Sheaffer is one of largest of all pen manufactures.  So we have several members that can help you with them.  Contact Alan.

Pen Show

Vintage Pens


If you have a question about our next pen show.
If you have a general pen question about a vintage pen and don't know who to turn to, start here. 
If you would like more information about becoming a member of the Michigan Pen Club.




If you have exhausted all of the other options, this is your last chance for a question.  :-)
Jazz Pens? Nope.  Real live jazz, up close an personal.  The Detroit Groove Society.  
I'm not really a webmaster.  So, if something is not working, or you find a typo, or if you are using an iPad and the site isn't dispalying correctly.  You can contact Eric.