The 27th Michigan Pen Show -- is now over

  1. 21 APR 2018 SAT 9 AM
    April Pen Club Road Trip to the London Pen Club
    Williams Fresh Café, London, Canada. Plan to get up early. We will need to meet at the Wal-Mart at M-59 & I-94 at 7am. We will carpool from there to London. PLEASE remember to bring your passport!!
  2. 28 MAR 2018 WED 8 PM
    Detroit Groove Society - Composer Fred Hersch
    The Detroit Groove Society is honored and thrilled to present a solo piano performance by the legendary, remarkable pianist and composer Fred Hersch. I’ve been talking on and off with Fred for the past thirteen years about doing a concert here, and it has finally materialized! Please note that unlike most of our concerts, this one will have one longer set rather than two sets. Admission is $40 per seat, and $15 for students. Click on the Detroit Groove Society logo for additional information.
  3. UPDATE!! - 10 March 2018 SAT 12 PM
    March Pen Club Meeting
    This meeting has now been rescheduled it to March 10th. The theme for this meeting is NIB SMOOTHING. Mike Krut is going demonstrate how to smooth nibs. This will be a hands on meeting so you will need to bring your pens with scratchy nibs and a magnifying glass. Click on the map for directions, contact Eric or Lih-Tah if you need Stan Goodman's address.
  4. 23 JUN 2018
    June Pen Club Meeting

Friday November 17th 3pm-7pm - Saturday November 18th 10am-6pm​​​

Thank You to all of the attendees and dealers.  I have received very positive feedback about having the show at the Four Points by Sheraton.

NOTE: 30NOV17 -- I will put together a survey about this year's show over the weekend, so please check back in a few days and take a moment to fill it out.


I got a text message from Musette Lax who attended our last meeting. I asked her if it was ok to share.
'Several weeks ago already I talked to Mike (Krut) and we agreed to meet at the Farmington Hills Library. I thought he looked familiar when he walked in. He looked through all of my Dad's pens and was very helpful and thorough.  We were done with all the pens when I decided to pull out the receipts of past work on the pens that my dad had had kept.  Mike look at the receipts and said OMG your dad was Dr. Martin Charles! He goes, your dad was Marty?   It turns out that Mike knew my dad very well. Mike is an Attorney that my father did work for many many years. That's how I knew him as well I used to work for my dad and Mike hooked my dad up with the pen repair person on the receipts. Long story short it was a pleasure to see him and meet with him. We actually met with him a second time because I found more pens. He has just been more than helpful and kind and giving of his time as were you as well.'
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