Pen Sumgai

SUMGAI - “I had a big box of old pens, there were some yellow ones, some green ones, some red & black ones, some fake gold ones, some striped ones and some of them even had metal wrapped around them, yuck, but none of them would write, so I sold them all, with some other junk, to SOME GUY who came in about an hour ago for 20 bucks.”

These are from an estate of a not well known collector who kept them sealed in individual glass test tubes, so the hard rubber pens are in excellent condition. There are still some good pens available for purchase for prices as low as $10!!!!

All proceeds from the sale of these pens goes to the MPC.  Contact Eric

SWAN - Manifold (no cap) - $10

SHEAFFER’S - Sterling Pencil w/Chain - $15

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