April 2005 Meeting Minutes - Highlights

President Eric Fonville opened the business portion of the meeting at 2:45 p.m.

1. Date of MICH PEN Show 2005:

  • After a great deal of discussion it was decided to dispense with the survey and to change the date of the MICH PEN Show to October 1 2005.

2. Location of the Show:

  • The MICH PEN SHOW 2005 will be held at The Hilton Detroit/Troy Hotel.

3. Advertising at the Chicago Pen Show:

  • That handouts be prepared to distribute at the Chicago Pen Show advertising the fact that the MICHIGAN PEN SHOW will be held on OCTOBER 1 and 2, 2005 at The Hilton Detroit/Troy Hotel and that further details will be announced on our website and sent to all dealers shortly.

4. Post-it Note Advertising:

  • It was decided that we will have “post-it note type pads” (similar to those used last year) prepared announcing this show and these will be sent out to dealers and others to advertise the show. Eric Fonville will look after this.

5. Report on the MICH PEN Show 2004:

  • The show did NOT lose money; in fact there was a profit.

6. Treasurers Report:

  • In addition to the details above it was reported our present club balance.

7. Mailing Lists and Email Lists:

  • While we email our meeting information to members the difficulty is that we have email addresses for only about one-third of those members. Even then, despite efforts to update those addresses we still are reaching too few of the members.  It was decided that we will both email all members for whom we have addresses and send land-mail information to all members to ensure that we are reaching as many members as we can.

8. June Meeting:

  • The June Meeting will be held at Erdvilas Bankauskas home again this year after he graciously asked to hold this upcoming gathering.

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